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Video: Sean Miller talks about the Arizona Wildcats' summer

We've already discussed that this summer could be the biggest, most important in recent memory. Now, we've got coach Sean Miller going on record as to why.

The Arizona Wildcats will head to the Bahamas in a few days, and prior to a trip that will help bond a team with eight new contributors, the athletic department released an interview with Miller to discuss the summer.

"You get the 10 documented practices ... it's clearly an advantage," he says in the video.

"The one thing you sense when you're going on this trip and have the 10 practices, your team knows you're getting ready to practice. I think it's just more productive, more meaningful. Our team's had a positive edge to us."

Miller also did call the potential of the 2012-13 team "special" though he did cover himself. Depth, one of the biggest improvements of last season to this, is only malleable if injuries are avoided.

Jordin Mayes and Kevin Parrom know that first-hand. Each struggled with injury last season and both of the vets will benefit from a summer where the foreign trip allows for a head-start, if you will, heading into the school year.

"On several layers it's very, very beneficial," Miller said of the added time with his players. "Jordin Mayes and Kevin Parrom, you forget how much time last year, combined, that they both missed. It's great for them to practice."

"It's also about the other things. Players learn each other, they know each other."

Then you talk about the freshmen, the transfers -- Mark Lyons might be the biggest key to the success of next season. The 6-foot-1 guard must prove he can run the point, but even if he is no more a point guard than Momo Jones, he brings experience and a familiar face to Miller's team.

"So many times you get a transfer, you have to teach him a new way," Miller said of Lyons. "The fact that he knows our way, and he's been in two Sweet 16s ..." will make him a valuable asset moving forward.