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Toledo Vs. Arizona Preview: Q&A With Let's Go Rockets

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To get a better perspective on the Toledo Rockets, we caught up with UT blog Let's Go Rockets to discuss the team and their high-scoring offense out of the MAC. We also answered some questions they posed to us over on their blog, which you should check out if you want to couch-scout the Rockets before Saturday's game.

Desert Swarm: The Rockets' starting quarterback situation is supposed to be resolved today, but both Terrance Owens and Austin Dantin are expected to play against UA. What do each of those guys bring to the table?

Let's Go Rockets: We're fortunate to have two experienced, talented QBs. While each has his unique strengths, the best part of our dual-QB situation is that there is little drop-off when we switch personnel.

Austin Dantin is a good scrambling QB and his foot speed is a real asset. Terrance Owens brings pocket presence and throwing accuracy to the table as his strengths. Both have seen plenty of reps behind center over the past 2 years. Both are ready to play when needed.

Desert Swarm: Arizona's defense is still learning a 3-3-5 defense and most obviously lacking size. How will Toledo's offensive scheme and personnel take advantage of that?

Let's Go Rockets: A balanced offensive scheme will work best against this defense. With only 3 down lineman, running the ball seems all too obvious. When the defense throws in LB and safety blitzes, its easy for the offensive line to get confused so we'll need to be focused to keep that from happening. Utilizing a multi-WR look can cause fits for the 3-3-5 defense, as they will have to shift to maintain coverage. We look for the Rockets to run a hurry up offense and do what it can to catch the defense off guard.

Desert Swarm: I'll steal your question posed to me. Give Arizona fans three Toledo players to keep an eye on.

Let's Go Rockets: Since Toledo utilizes the dual-QB system, we'll stay clear of Dantin and Owens on this question. Expect to see Bernard Reedy have a solid night and be a constant threat to break a big play wide open. As our primary WR target, he will get plenty of opportunities to catch the ball.

We're tempted to mention LB Dan Molls here, but we think T.J. Fatinikun will have a major influence on the play of the defense. Fatinikun is returning from injury last season and should help anchor the defensive line and give the AZ offense issues. If he has a strong showing early in the game it will boost the confidence of the defense and help settle the line into a rhythm.

We'll break from form a bit on a question like this and put a kicker's name down: Jeremiah Detmer. Detmer has one heck of a leg and is accurate too. Last season, he had several FGs over 50 yards and fully assumes the kick responsibilities this year. Expect to see some well placed kicks and know that Detmer is a threat from any distance.