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Arizona Football Preview: It's The Matt Scott Show

In order to clean up your handle on the Arizona Wildcats, we're breaking down the roster position by position. So far, we've discussed special teams, linebackers, wide receivers, the secondary, the offensive line, and the defensive line. Today, I'm using the power of YouTube to talk about the quarterbacks -- 90 percent of it is about Matt Scott. You probably knew that.

Key returners: Matt Scott

Key losses: Nick Foles (NFL), Tom Savage (transfer, Pitt) Daxx Garman (transfer, Oklahoma State)

Key newcomers: B.J. Denker (transfer, Cerritos College), Javelle Allen

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Matt Scott is the face of the Arizona Wildcats. He's a quarterback, senior, leader, talent, athlete, worker and every other descriptor that you'd place on a winning team. It's just that the situation around him isn't necessarily ready to be labeled similarly.

He's waited his turn. Through a couple seasons in which most people expected Scott to transfer, he stuck with the Wildcats. That has to stand for something.

It also shouldn't be forgotten that Scott was once a starter in front of Nick Foles, who's become one of the sweethearts of the NFL preseason. After impressing in three games during 2010 and then sitting out a redshirt season in 2011, Scott should be ready to lead the Wildcats not only by foot, but by through the air.

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