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Links: Moline sets PR at Olympics, medal counts and Morrison's place

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  • By all accounts, it seems that Rich Rodriguez's first practice went pretty well. Anthony Gimino writes that he said it wasn't too bad, and that's a bit of good news considering how ugly the spring game and the spring practices were going. And in reading these words with Ryan Finley's practice story from Thursday, and it appears the team is settling in nicely to the speed, noise and distractions that Rodriguez's is attempting to replicate in practice.
  • While Richard Morrison was probably the second-best quarterback on the roster during the spring, the arrival of JC transfer BJ Denker has slotted Morrison firmly back at the wideout spot, Gimino writes. Assuming the improvements of Denker and some of the freshmen QBs stay on a trajectory of any positive nature, it looks like Morrison will stay at the receiver position. After all, the loss of talent in the pass-catching group of Wildcats means that any experience at those spots are huge. This answers the question that Kyle Kensing asked in March -- Morrison's place at quarterback was more of a spring fling than a long-term plan assuming that injuries don't set back the evolving depth chart.
  • Parker Jackson-Cartwright, a 5-foot-7 point guard from Los Angeles, is visiting the basketball program this weekend, Bruce Pascoe reports. He's entering his junior season at Loyola High School and while small, apparently has the smarts and skills to play D-I ball. Sean Miller probably isn't too worried about the height thing; Nic Wise was the last small point at Arizona, and if Jackson-Cartwright is half as savvy as Wise, he's got a shot to be offered by big-time programs.