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5 Things Arizona Fans Can Do Until Football Season

The kick-off to football season is still weeks away. August is hot, long and scarce of sporting events.

Sure, we've got the Olympic games this year, but that only will take us to August 12. Steve Rushin of Sports Illustrated wrote a column on the dog days of summer, and here's what he has to say:

It is one big buzzkill, the speed bump of the sports calendar. August is always nattering on about "preseason football" and "golf's fourth major" (like the fifth Beatle, dwarfed by its colleagues) and the "back-to-school sales" that tell you summer is ending. As that famous saying about August goes ...

Oh, right. There are no famous sayings about August, or songs, or poems.

Don't worry Arizona Wildcat fans. You can remain busy during the next month, where you'll lie awake wondering if Rich Rodriguez's spread-option will work this year or next, or if you're in for another long year of football. Heck, even during that long year, at least you're experiencing oscillating hope and pain.

In August, you feel nothing. And it sucks.

Here are some ideas for biding your time.

Things to do

  • Do something Rob Gronkowski would do.
  • Read John U. Bacon's "Three And Out: Rich Rodriguez and the Michigan Wolverines in the Crucible of College Football."
  • Learn to enjoy a new sport while watching the Olympics.
  • Visit Tucson; a lot has changed since you were last there, I bet.
  • Turn Revenge of the Nerds into a drinking game.