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Today we find the truth of Todd Graham's West Virginia accomplishments

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A solid system of checks and balances is what keeps people honest, and honestly, the Arizona State press release that contained curious wording about coach Todd Graham's accomplishments at West Virginia was probably just one poorly-worded sentence.

It read:

In his second season at West Virginia, Graham improved the Mountaineers record from 3-8 to 9-4.

To their credit, the Sun Devil athletics website has since changed the sentence, and now it reads as such:

As the linebackers coach in 2001 and co-defensive coordinator in 2002 at West Virginia, Graham helped improve the Mountaineers record from 3-8 to 9-4.

Reporter Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review pointed out the original wordage that left out the pretty important detail of Rich Rodriguez being the head coach -- i.e. Graham boss man --during that span.

If you watch the Fox Sports Arizona "In My Own Words" clip below the jump, you'll get an all-around history of Graham and Rodriguez's relationship, which appears to be nothing but one of mutual respect. Still, this is a rivalry. No matter how civil the head coaches may be, you can bet we'll be the fly on the wall keeping ASU's successes, and especially the lack thereof, as close to the truth as possible.