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Pac-12 Predictions Week 3: Keep the good times rolling


Wow, what a week last week. Such a great weekend for the Pac-12 conference. Personally I went 8-4 last weekend and I am at a total of 17-7 for the year. Not to bad considering all the upsets, both wins and losses, that our conference has had so far. Who would have guessed Utah would screw up against Utah St. I should have gone with my gut and picked Oregon State to win. However, picking UCLA in my game of the week feels good.

After such a great weekend, we need to keep the momentum going forward, and continue to win these out of conference games. Hopefully the rest of you are predicting better than myself, but here we go for another week. Come join me after the jump for a few thoughts on each game.


Washington state vs UNLV WINNER: Washington State (32-21)

I believe even with a back up QB Washington state should get things rolling on offense finally. As long as their players and coaches stay away from the casino's they should leave Vegas with a win.


Cal vs Ohio St. WINNER: Ohio St. (42-24)

If this game were at Cal, I would be tempted to pick a much closer result. Plus I expected so much more of Cal so far this year, but they haven't delivered at all. In my opinion one of the biggest let downs of the season so far.

Tennessee Tech vs Oregon WINNER: DeAnthony Thomas

Not much to say about this game, except DAT should have a chance to pad his Heisman stats.

Portland st. vs Washington WINNER: Washington (24-17)

Washington should dominate this game, but they may still be licking some of their wounds after LSU embarrassed them on national TV.

ASU vs Missouri WINNER: ASU (42-35)

I hate picking ASU to win, however for the league I would really like them to pull one out on the road.

USC vs Stanford (game of the week) WINNER: USC (45-21)

This is one of the national games of the week. Personally I don't believe it will be that close. I think Stanford's corners are going to have a horrible day against USC's mega wide receivers.

Colorado vs Fresno St. WINNER: Fresno St (21-17)

I really really really really want to pick Colorado in this one. But they have let me and the league down to often. Plus they are traveling to Fresno st.

BYU vs Utah WINNER: Utah (28-20)

Utah let me down really bad last week. What a terrible loss. However, beating a rival team the very next week can help them forget all those terrible thoughts, and can move them forward in the season.

South Carolina St. vs Arizona WINNER: Arizona (52-10)

Love me some RichRod offense. That's all I can say.

Houston vs UCLA WINNER: UCLA (38-21)

This game is nothing like last years. Houston is worse, UCLA is far better. Houston can not stop the run, and UCLA has a monster running at tailback. Should be over pretty easily.