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South Carolina State Vs. Arizona: 3 Keys For An Arizona Victory

"So how about them South Carolina State Bulldogs?" The ultimate awkward sports question to break an untimely awkward silence with a friendly acquaintance that's not a friend.

If any Wildcats would like more advice about how to use the South Carolina State game to your advantage, I'll be here. But in all seriousness, the Wildcats on the football field can gain a lot from this one. Winning will be somewhat self explanatory; show up, get in and get out.

Here are three keys for Rich Rodriguez's crew to get in, get out and learn something about themselves when the Wildcats face the South Carolina State Bulldogs.

Come in hot. Red hot: The Wildcats were rolling from the time they were down 14-0 onward against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. If they can come out with that same controlled fire from the onset of Saturday's game, it'll be a good sign that Rich Rodriguez has a good hold of his locker room. Such a start would hint that the culture of taking one game and play at a time -- i.e. the mindset of a winning program -- would have taken hold well before Arizona fans would have expected.

Back, back, back it up: I can't really say we have seen many, if any, of the Wildcats' backups. If the first team gets off the field, this game will honestly be more interesting than it would with Arizona making enough miscues to make this look like a competitive game. Some names to throw out there: B.J Denker, the backup quarterback labeled as Vanilla Vick (the white variety, not the bland and boring variety). Daniel Jenkins, the guy who appears always really to bust out a big play that gets called back by a holding penalty. Anyone on defense, because I don't know their names. Garic Wharton, because I want to see how fast he is in football pads. Please watch the next video.

Physicality against the receivers: The Bulldog wide receivers are looking to get back on track after a poor performance as a group against Bethune-Cookman last week. If Arizona's corners are physical, that will make the already run-heavy S.C. State offense completely reliant on the ground. That will give the Wildcats the opportunity to practice stopping the run, something they need some film on and practice in as the speedy, zone-read happy Oregon Ducks loom on the schedule.

What do you want to see from the Wildcats today?