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Gamethread: S.C. State Vs. Arizona

After a solid week of Pac-12 football, the conference's sound play couldn't last into Saturday evening. As I type, Stanford and USC have combined for four interceptions and no touchdown passes. ASU still trails Mizzou, which hasn't done the best job of taking advantage of the Sun Devils' mistakes. Colorado is down 55-7 to Fresno State with two minutes left BEFORE HALFTIME.

So there is a good reason for a worry to be buried deep inside of you. The Arizona Wildcats have no business losing to a MEAC team, let alone the game being close. Yet weirder things have happened. I mean, what is more embarrassing between losing to a South Carolina State team or getting walloped by Fresno State?

Be glad you don't root for the Buffs.

Off that tangent, tonight should theoretically be a fun game to watch for the sake of getting some unknown players some Pac-12 Network exposure and some Pac-12 football experience.

So what do you want to see?