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SB Nation United: Change Is Near

When we released our new logo a couple of weeks ago to mark the beginning of a much, much larger change. SB Nation United is a radical new look to our website. It'll reduce clutter, give us the ability to give you the best content to read -- and organize it -- while bringing you the same, if not better, content from us and (as the United theme goes) around the network.

It's coming very soon, and we want you guys to be ready.

Four things that it'll do:

  • SB Nation United is going to make our sites load faster and run better meaning you can get to the content you want faster.
  • SB Nation United is going to make sure that you're seeing the best and brightest content up front with our flexible layout, modern design and reduction of clutter.
  • SB Nation United is going to make the experience on our sites run seamlessly from every platform, whether mobile, tablet or computer. No matter where you are, the experience will not change.
  • SB Nation United will not take away or change any of the community elements you love like FanPosts and FanShots and GameThreads.

Change is often hard to take, but we're hoping that you'll stick it out. If you're ever have questions about the redesign, always feel free to comment on the website or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. Below the jump are some screen grabs of what the team blogs like ours will be looking like. Cheers.

Don't mind the Nets and Lakers themes. We will remain an Arizona Wildcats blog.


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