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Rob Gronkowski Sells His Own Cereal

Rob Gronkowski is a pioneer and an entrepreneur. The New England Patriots told the former Arizona Wildcats tight end to chill out, something that we were a bit disappointed in. It was fun to see Gronk live it up like a normal dude who had the opportunity to do just that.

So of course, he's coming out with his own cereal (h/t to Pat Finley).

He lives his life. He just happens to be very, very good at football.

And it's not like he's out there getting arrested. No harm, no foul. Despite the Pats' trying to keep him quiet, Gronkowski hasn't slowed down a bit. Take away his party antics, and he'll just make waves by going more mainstream.

A short-list of what Gronk's done since becoming the highest-paid tight end, ever.

So yeah. You can't stop Gronk if you try. Now that he's running on frosted Gronk flakes, good luck to you NFL defenses.