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Don't Rush The ... Eh, Go Ahead And Get Pumped For Arizona At Oregon


Screw it. We're rushing the field early (again). Get pumped. But no throwing of water bottles, especially toward cheer leaders. Thanks.

Today we find out of the Wildcats are ready to beat one of the best teams in the country. The Ducks are, at the moment, the best team in the Pac-12, and even if UA hangs with Oregon it'll be a good day.

No matter what happens, your day can't be as bad as an Iowa fan's day. Or the day for anyone in the Big Ten. Because the Big Ten is boring. Celebrate today.

Even if Chip Kelly's squad leaves a giant dookie all over Arizona's presumably all-white uniforms, clogs the toilet, which then overflows all over the upstairs bathroom while you're away on vacation leading to the moisture causing the downstairs ceiling to cave in, you've probably seen much worse days.

Everyone is excited. Get there.

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