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Arizona Wildcats Will Wear Copper Helmets Against Oregon State

The Arizona Wildcats will debut their new copper helmets this week against Oregon State. Much of the reaction I'm seeing via Twitter tells me that UA fans aren't too pumped about it. There's a lot of "but our colors are red and blue" talk (actually it's Cardinal and Navy) and also some questioning about how well it matches with the uniforms.

Matt Scott told the media at today's presser that the senior leaders choose the color combos, and they'll probably go with navy tops. I'm no expert in color schemes or fashion, but I can see that even that color-combo might be a tad bit odd.

I don't know. What do you think?

Pat Finley pointed out that Arizona can't wear copper in two home games of Washington and Colorado. But for those of you confused about "Why copper?", here's the gist of the color copper from Kyle Kensing.

Check out some of the funny Twitter reactions after the jump.