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Pac-12 predictions Week 5: Can we bounce back edition

A weekly prediction article to give you not only who is going to win, but a few keys to each game.

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I am still not sure what to think about last weekend as a whole. Oregon state showed that they are a solid team this year, and put a stop to the monstrous offense of UCLA who were racking up over 600 yards per game. Colorado decided that they weren't going to stay win less all year, and they took advantage of Washington State to do so. As much as I hate to admit it Arizona state put together a great game, and flat out thrashed Utah. USC decided to be USC and let California hang around for a little while before finally putting them down. Finally Arizona couldn't take advantage of early mistakes by the ducks, and ended up getting beat fairly bad at the end.

That is enough about last weeks games, now lets focus on the upcoming week. There are really only two games that I am looking forward to, and that is, Stanford traveling up to take on Washington, and Oregon State coming to the desert to lose against Arizona. Come join me after the jump and I'll dive a bit deeper into all the games.


Stanford vs Washington WINNER Stanford 21-17

I know Washington hasn't been super impressive this year, but that will change. They did get destroyed by LSU but that was weeks ago, and they have had plenty of time to practice and get over that beat down. Stanford plays similar to an SEC team on defense, which I believe will be the big difference in this game.


Arizona St. vs Cal WINNER Arizona St. 35-21

Cal should have a big advantage being at home, but they haven't shown me anything that would make me choose them over a legitimate team. Arizona St. has shown that they are able to go into hostel environments and compete. Going to Cal should be rather plain compared to going to Missouri.

UCLA vs Colorado WINNER UCLA 52- (-7)

This game will be amazing for one reason. For the first time in the history of football Colorado will find a way to actually score Negative points. I'm not sure how, but I am confident they have something up their sleeve.

Oregon St. vs Arizona (Game of the week) WINNER Arizona 42-21

Oregon St. does look like a legit team. However, that was a very emotional win down in L.A. last weekend, and playing two weeks in a row for the first time will be a bit difficult for them. On the flip side Arizona is still upset after the Oregon game, but I believe they learned some great lessons. This time they will not waste their chances, and Oregon St. wont have the offensive fire power to stay in this game.

Oregon vs Washington St. WINNER Oregon Fans who get to travel away from Eugene

Not much to say here. I hope that the Oregon fans enjoy a city like Seattle.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and be sure to put down any thoughts or predictions of your own.