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Around the Pac-12: DirecTV Deal No Closer You Dummies, Fresno Trying To Outquick Ducks

Fresno State thinks speeding up the pace is a good idea? That's quacktastic.
Fresno State thinks speeding up the pace is a good idea? That's quacktastic.

So college football is back and Week 2 is quickly creeping upon us, almost too soon, it feels. It's difficult to savor the victory against Toledo, though it should be of mention now that you have 48 or so hours from now when reality might strike as Arizona faces Oklahoma State.

Look, the Toledo win is a win, first and foremost. Though it may taste like slightly burnt breakfast potatoes from Denny's, just know that some of those potatoes are not burnt. It's the inside of said breakfast potatoes that you were going for nutrients-wise anyway, and it's the grease upon those potatoes that will make your whiskey-induced hangover become a fleeting memory.

The Wildcats won. Remember that. The teams in the Pac-12 will be more difficult, generally speaking, as will the Cowboys on Saturday.

We're giving you a wrap-up of some of the better writings around SB Nation, and for our purposes are keeping it Pac-12 local.

DirecTV a no go. Yes, still: Avinash Kunnath of Pacific Takes points out that Greg Byrne needed to remind us that Pac-12 Networks isn't reaching a deal with DirecTV, at least not anytime soon. This came, from my observation, after fans took a message board poster's word on an Arizona Wildcats website forum; the user talked to some DirecTV minion, who was quite obviously wrong.

Fresno State trying to outquack the Ducks: Addicted To Quack's David Piper wonders why the Bulldogs would think this is a good idea. Sure enough, they do. Piper's assessment is fair because this seems like the worse idea in the history of Earth. Like, worse than that time the dinosaurs didn't run for cover when the meteor struck.

Reeves Nelson symbolizes UCLA's troubles: Bruins Nation takes a look at the current problems with UCLA's basketball program, including the most recent accusations that peg freshmen Kyle Anderson and Tony Parker in the same or near the same boat as No. 1 overall recruit Shabazz Muhammad. One Reeves Nelson is the beacon that defines this recent, troubled era of Ben Howland ball, and that guy JUST JOINED THE LAKERS.

Off topic, but in my opinion, his ceiling is a poor man's Louis Amundson while his worst case scenario is more of an R. Kelly, if you know what I mean. NBA Draft Insider and SB Nation Arizona writer Kris Habbas told me my ceiling was way too high, character issues aside, but I suppose I was more concerned about putting in an accurate floor.

More on Arizona's great offense that can't score: Bill Connelly included the Wildcats in his weekly The Numerical post, and Arizona showed up at a number much smaller than the 624 yards they piled on the Rockets. That number? 2.1, the average points scored by Arizona in eight trips 40 yards or closer to the end zone in Toledo territory.

Arizona's 2003 team was not good: In fact, they were really bad. So bad that Addicted to Quack is reminding us that they were like the 2002 Wildcats!