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Pac-12 predictions, week 2: revenge of the fallen


Welcome back everyone to another great weekend of college football. Last week there were three teams that really struggled and lost. Those same teams will have a great chance this week to make up and grab a win against some weak competition. Personally I was 8-3 last weekend, which is far below my standards, but this week I am being less of a homer and actually picking using my brain and not my heart.

After the jump I will give you my predictions, and the game of the week. Please feel free to comment your own predictions and what you are looking forward to this weekend.


Utah vs Utah St. WINNER: Utah 38-7

Utah showed us as much as they could considering their opponent last week. They did everything they were supposed to. Score plenty of points, and not let their opponent do anything on offense. This week probably won't offer much more of a challenge, so the question will still remain, how good is Utah?


USC vs Syracuse WINNER: USC 52-14

I am looking forward to another weekend of Lee highlights. Do I really need to say much more about this game?

Southern Utah vs Cal WINNER: Cal 35-10

Cal was an embarrassment last weekend. I could not believe how poorly they did in their first showing. They need to put this Southern Utah team away early to remove the doubters from their camp.

Sacramento St. vs Colorado WINNER: Colorado 21-3

I almost want to pick Sacramento St. after they beat OSU last year. However, they did very poorly in their first game, and clearly lost quite a few players off of that successful team. Not even Colorado should be able to screw up this game.

E Washington vs WSU WINNER: WSU 38-21

Is it really possible that the air raid offense can be shut down two weeks in a row? Lets not fool ourselves, the defense that WSU will face this week will not put up nearly the same fight as in their opener. The only question is can their defense shut down E Washington? I can't believe I even have to ask that question.

Wisconsin vs OSU WINNER: Wisconsin 24-20

It's hard to really judge this game since we have not seen OSU play yet this year. However, I did see some of Wisconsin's first game and was not impressed. This game should be closer than most people will expect. Would I be shocked if OSU pulls an upset? Not in the least.

Fresno St. vs Oregon WINNER: Oregon's first string players, since they should get to play more than 20 minutes this game.

Not much to say for this one either. I started wondering though, do they burn any uniform they lose in? It isn't like they don't have another 50 to choose from.

Washington vs LSU WINNER: LSU 21-18

I still feel this game will be fairly close. I don't feel like LSU is really the 3rd best team in the country right now. I just don't see any way Washington goes into that environment and pulls off a win. I will be cheering for them though.

Nebraska vs UCLA (Game of the week) WINNER: UCLA 32-28

This game is a very interesting one. Last week UCLA showed us some great play and horrible play all in the same game. The fact that this will be a home game for UCLA really helps them, but will it be enough?

Illinois vs Arizona St. WINNER: ASU 35-17

As much as I hate picking ASU, not only do I want them to win for the Pac-12, but for some reason I really dislike the Big 10.

Oklahoma St. vs Arizona WINNER: Oklahoma St. 28-25

It pains me to make that pick. I want to pick Arizona in all their games, but if I am going to be honest, then I have to pick Oklahoma St. However, if we can capitalize on all that offense we created last week, then we may have a realistic shot of the upset.

Duke vs Stanford WINNER: Stanford 21-10

This game should be a blow out, but Stanford really looked bad last week. Lets hope they got over their Luck hangover, and start to play for reals now.