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Piecing Together Josiah Turner's Young Euroleague Career

Maybe you guys are tired of hearing about former Arizona Wildcats guard Josiah Turner, but I honestly can't keep from wondering how he'll do. The potential and obvious distaste for school exhibited by Turner make him an enigma. And like few others before him, success overseas could lead to an NBA future if he truly has learned not to take his talents for granted.

Like Brandon Jennings and Jeremy Tyler before him, Turner can make himself into an NBA draft pick in a non-traditional way. So I've kept my eyes open, and today he appears to have played in a preseason game.

I'm not sure if this is his debut, but it just might be. Below the jump, I used the power of Twitter to piece together his outing, which appeared to be in Romania. It looks like he dropped 14 points and had seven assists in just 19 minutes of play. Apparently, everything is going well so far.

He's listed as a starter on the Albacomp team roster. Talent-wise, the only thing I know about this team is that center Akos Keller is also listed in the starting lineup. Keller spent this summer with the Phoenix Suns on their' Summer League squad. So the level of play can't be that bad, right?