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Oklahoma State Vs. Arizona: Three Keys For An Arizona Victory

1. Stop the run game with solid tackling

The Wildcats are admittedly small, even for a team who runs the 3-3-5 by design more than to fit its personnel. Against Oklahoma State running back Joseph Randle, who solidified his stature as the Cowboys' premier back against UA last year, Arizona will need to have sound play from its linebackers and hybrid players who are playing the run. Jared Tevis and Jake Fischer showed solid tackling last week, and everyone will need to be on board to limit Randle to three or four yards per carry.

2. Freak out Wes Lunt

Let's say that few things are more vulnerable than a freshman quarterback. If that freshman is in his first true test -- we won't count Savannah State -- against a defense that has the potential to confuse and harass the quarterback, all the better for the defense. That's the position where Lunt sits, and how he reacts against a respectable defense this week -- we won't count Savannah State -- will drastically help or hurt the Wildcats.

3. Take opportunity by the balls

This is a life lesson more than anything, but it also applies to football. Last week, Arizona scored 2.1 points per offensive possession inside the opponent's 40-yard line. Against a better defense and a much better offense this week, doing that again won't end well.

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