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Arizona vs ASU: Player Grades

A quick recap and player grades for the Arizona vs ASU basketball game

Christian Petersen

The positive thing is we won the game, but it took way to long for us too establish our dominance. For a while it kept going back and forth until we finally locked down on defense and attacked on offense. It drove me nuts that in the first half with 2 fouls we didn't attack Carson. However, in the second half when he had 4 fouls and we attacked him, we constantly had free drives to the basket. That could have been done all game long. Enough about that, lets jump into the player grades.

Solomon Hill: B+ Hill played an amazing 39 minutes in this game. His stat line was very impressive at 13 points 5 assists and 6 rebounds. To earn an A in this game though, he needed to take over more often.

Brandon Ashley: D Ashley just wasn't effective tonight. He only shot 1-5 from the floor and collected 3 rebounds. When you are on ESPN's top 25 freshman list, you really need to do more in the game.

Kaleb Tarczewski: C- He did slightly more than Ashley. Offensively, he got to the line and shot alright by his standards by going 3-5. Collecting 8 rebounds is a big plus from Tarc.

Mark Lyons: F/A Honestly I have no idea how to grade Lyons. For much of the game he just ticked me off, constantly turning it over in the first half, including his horrible last play. Then all of a sudden as the second half goes on he blows it up on the offensive end to finish with 24 points.

Nick Johnson: B+ If you would have asked me how important Nick would be to this team, I wouldn't think he would be a key to winning. But his defense has been amazing all year, and he really is picking up his offensive game. Today he finished with an important 19 points. Great to see this guy develop.

Kevin Parrom: C+ not a bad game for Kevin but not a great one either. 6th man of the year though.

Jordin Mayes: C He came in and played some good defense, but finished with no shots and 1 assists and 1 rebound.

Grant Jerrett: D Just like our other big men we didn't get a whole lot out of Grant today.