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Arizona vs. USC: Three keys in the City of Angels for the Wildcats

How do the Wildcats pull out a Thursday night road win?

Downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains
Downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats take that killer 50 minute plane ride to Los Angeles this week for a Thursday night showdown against the USC Trojans.  We already touched on the keys to victory over at Pacific Takes this week, but here are the official, L.A. version (number 1) for the Cats.

1.  Registering on the Richter Scale

This is my weekly "Ka'Deem Carey needs touches" key to the game.  In the Washington game, Carey was the only back to get touches until late in the fourth quarter.  Don't think that works this week though, just like it didn't exactly work against the Huskies.  Need to get Daniel Jenkins some carries, and give B.J. Denker better protection.  Carey needs to be his normal, pound the ball self.  The offensive line needs to step up against what is probably the toughest D line they've seen so far to make anything work tonight.  Lay down the boom big fellas.

2.  L.A. Fitness

B.J. Denker's interview with the Tucson Citizen had some interesting stuff in it, one of which is how he calls out USC for their lack of depth on defense.  It's true that the Trojans don't have as much depth as usual thanks to Reggie Bush and the NCAA.  Arizona needs to take advantage of that by moving quickly, and actually picking up first downs and putting together long drives.

3.  Mirroring the Dodgers' season

So the Dodgers stunk in the first half of the year, and were red-hot the second half.  I sort of expect this to happen with Arizona tonight.  The uncertainty of what the USC offense will show could be troublesome early, but as long as RichRod and coach Casteel make the proper adjustments, the Wildcats should be fine heading into the fourth quarter.  Don't be surprised if USC is leading at halftime, and rebounding from this will be key for Arizona.