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Arizona basketball: Seth Davis talks to Lute Olson about relationship with Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas won't return Lute Olson's phone calls

Former Wildcats Gilbert Arenas and Mike Bibby go head-to-head in an Orlando/Miami game
Former Wildcats Gilbert Arenas and Mike Bibby go head-to-head in an Orlando/Miami game
Mike Ehrmann

Seth Davis of CBS, Sports Illustrated and Campus Insiders recently visited Tucson to speak to Rich Rodriguez (an interview that has already aired), Sean Miller, Aaron Gordon and Lute Olson.

While talking with Davis about the RichRod interview, we dived a little into Arizona basketball, and what to expect from the other interviews, which will air on sometime soon.  He shocked me with something that came out of the Lute Olson interview.

Gilbert Arenas has had his problems in the NBA, whether it be getting arrested for a truckbed full of fireworkspulling a gun on Washington Wizards' teammate Javaris Crittendon...and then subsequently being suspended indefinitely by the NBA.  Or maybe faking a knee injury is what you remember the most from the NBA Arenas days.

Also, as a side note, if you haven't seen, you should see just how weird it is.

Anyways, after all these issues, his college head coach, Lute Olson, has tried to reach out just to say hello and see if there's anything he can do.  According to Seth Davis, Olson says that Arenas will not answer those phone calls, and has yet to call back the Arizona legend.

Lute Olson told Davis that he thinks Gilbert Arenas is "embarrassed" by what has happened, and he doesn't want to face the man that coached him before all this went down.

I would imagine this hurts Olson personally, as he was a guy who lost his father early on in life, and gravitated towards the coaches he had throughout school, whether it be in football or basketball.  Seems bizarre to me that Arenas would just simply refuse to call Olson back, but he's proven he's not exactly the most stable and rational person in the world.

If all of this is true, I feel bad for Gilbert, and I feel bad for Lute.  Lute's obviously just trying to be there for his former player, and he has a great relationship with other former Wildcats like Sean Elliott, Steve Kerr, Channing Frye and others.  Maybe Arenas will eventually figure it out, and Olson will be there to help him through that process.