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Football week 9 preview and predictions

A look into this weeks Pac 12 Football games

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back Pac 12 fans for another week of great football. Lets jump straight into the schedule for this week.


Utah vs USC 4:00pm ET Kick off. Utah is clearly a different team on the road verse at home. USC is a complete mystery to me right now. They can look great one week and then lay an egg the next. I have to go with them at home in this game. Utah 17 USC 21

UCLA (12th) vs Oregon (3rd) 7:00pm ET Kick off GAME OF THE WEEK. I had to put this as the game of the week considering game day is there and the fact its a top 15 match up. However, last I looked vegas had Oregon as a 23.5 point favorite? When was the last time you saw a matchup like this with that big of a spread. My head tells me I should go put some money down on UCLA to cover that, but playing in Eugene that spread scares me. I don't see UCLA winning this game but I'm going to have faith they can cover the spread. UCLA 27 Oregon 45

Arizona vs Colorado 8:00pm ET Kick off. Arizona managed to get things right playing at home last week. Can we keep that momentum up on the road. Colorado isn't the same lame duck team as last year, so this game could be entertaining. I have to go with Arizona on the road. Arizona 28 Colorado 18

Stanford (6th) vs OSU (25th) 10:30pm ET Kick off. I know the Oregon team is the Game of the week, but to me this game could be the under the radar game of the week. Stanford to me is a bit over rated. They are a very good team, but they aren't title contenders. OSU blew their first game but since then have been very good, especially with Mannion throwing the ball. If they can give him time, I think he can carve up Stanfords defense. I'm going with the big upset. Stanford 24 OSU 27

Cal vs Washington 11:00pm ET Kick off. Washington has just had a disastrous last few weeks. They have free fallen right out of the top 25. However, if anything can get you and your team right, its playing Cal at home. Cal 14 Washington 31

Enjoy this weeks games everyone.