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Football Week 6 Preview and predictions

A weekly look at the coming games and predictions

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Welcome back everyone. Last week was a rough one for me only going 3-2 for the weekend. That leaves me with a total for the season of 33-8. After the weekend we got some exciting news with USC firing Lane Kiffin. Not sure if that was a surprise to anyone, but we will have to wait and see if it helps or hurts them for the rest of the season.  Lets see if we can come up with a perfect week with another round of Pac 12 games to take a look at. We start early this week with a Thursday night game then 4 games on Saturday.


UCLA (12th) vs Utah 10:00pm ET Kick off: UCLA has seemed to really establish themselves this year. Utah has been fairly strong and home, but I am going to ride with the overall better team. UCLA 31 Utah 21


WSU vs Cal 4:00pm ET Kick off: Cal has just been bad this year. However, they play a team that has been bad for years. Which one is better this year? that is a great question. Even playing on the road i tend to think WSU has shown more promise this year. WSU 21 Cal 10

Oregon (2nd) vs Colorado 6:00pm ET Kick off: Oregon is just rolling this year. I truly think if they don't win the title this year then they wont for a while. Colorado may be a little better this year, but Oregon will roll them. Oregon 55 Colorado 10

ASU (22nd) vs Notre Dame 7:30pm ET: ASU is coming off an emotional win, and this game is in a neutral site which should help them. After I was corrected about the field location I actually feel better about my pick of ASU.  ASU 35 ND 24

Washington (15th) vs Stanford (5th) 10:30pm ET (GAME OF THE WEEK): this top 15 game should be a great one. If this was at Washington I would probably call for the upset, but in this case on the road I am going to go with Stanford to keep their top 5 ranking. Washington 17 Stanford 27