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Arizona football: Rich Rodriguez still haunted by 2nd grade Halloween costume

RichRod doesn't get phased by much, but Halloween is a different story

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Wildcats head coach Rich Rodriguez is not really the kind of guy who gets scared easily, or is haunted by things from his past.

But after practice Wednesday, he admitted that his parents scarred him for life in second grade and ruined Halloween forever.

"I still have nightmares of when my mom dressed me up as a bush when I was seven years old or something," said Rodriguez.  "Who dresses their kids up as a bush?"

Well, thanks to the Arizona Football Twitter account, there's photographic proof!

"I had limbs and stuff taped to me when I was six years old."

I love that there is actually a picture of this.

Anyways, coach Rodriguez will not be doing anything special for Halloween this year.  "I'm dressed up every day.  I'm a walking costume in itself."