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Arizona Wildcats Bowl Projections: Several destinations a possibility for Arizona

Rounding up various bowl projections for the Wildcats after losing at home to Wazzou


So, it seemed fairly clear that the Arizona Wildcats would end up playing in the Las Vegas Bowl if they had defeated Washington State on Saturday.

Well, as we know, that didn't happen.  So where are the Cats projected to be playing now?  Let's take a look.  Click on each link to see the full bowl projections:

SB Nation: Heart of Dallas Bowl (January 1st, Dallas, TX) vs. Maryland

ESPN: Mark Schlabach says Poinsettia Bowl (December 26th, San Diego, CA) vs. Utah State.  Brad Edwards says New Mexico Bowl (December 21st, Albuquerque, NM) vs. San Jose State.

ESPN Pac-12 Blog: Ted Miller has Arizona in the Heart of Dallas Bowl vs. a Conference USA team

CBSIndependence Bowl (December 31st, Shreveport, LA) vs. Georgia Tech

Yahoo: (Before Saturday's game) New Mexico Bowl vs. Colorado State

So basically, anything is possible at this point.  Also, take note that there are 70 total bowl slots, and with three weeks left in the season, 65 teams are already bowl-eligible.  So going to a bowl isn't exactly guaranteed.