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Oregon vs. Arizona: Will Saturday be Ka'Deem Carey's last home game as a Wildcat?

Is this the last time we see Ka'Deem in Tucson?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

While the Arizona Wildcats will be celebrating 18 seniors Saturday afternoon as a part of senior day, shouldn't we really be celebrating the fact that this is probably Ka'Deem Carey's last game in Arizona Stadium as well?

What could be the cherry on top of his last home game is the opportunity to set the school-record in career rushing yards. Heading into the Oregon game this weekend, Carey is just 117 yards behind Trung Canidate's 3,824 he put up at U of A.

How likely is it that Ka'Deem puts up at least 117 on Saturday? Well, his fewest rushing yards in a game this year was 119 at Colorado. And he's gone over 117 in 16 of his last 17 games.

Yes, he did only rush for 79 yards at Oregon last year, but this is now an offense that revolves around Carey, and has all year.

"I've been proud of Ka'Deem," said head coach Rich Rodriguez. "He hasn't had as many creases or holes to run this year, and he still runs with great passion."

So let's say that Carey breaks the school-record during his last home game. How special would that be? I would guess there's some sort of on-field celebration planned during the game like there was during the Arizona State game last year when he set the single-season rushing record.

But would it be the last time that Arizona fans had the opportunity to see Carey in a Wildcat uniform in Tucson?

"We really haven't talked about it," continued Rodriguez. "I don't know that he's really thought about it that much. He's looking forward to every practice. He's been really focused in that regard."

"If we've got a guy that's a high first-rounder, he ought to leave. Go get paid well, go make a living, and finish your degree if you haven't finished it. If you're not a high first-rounder, you should come back and improve your status. Allow him the access to get all the right information, talk to all the right people, and make the decision that's best for him."

Right now, Carey is ranked 45th overall by CBS, and the fourth-best RB at both WalterFootball and SB Nation.

"Maybe he looks at next year with our deeper wide receiver corps, all the linemen coming back, he might get excited about that. I hope he is."

So maybe there's a chance to see him next year, but don't take Saturday afternoon for granted.

"And I still think he's getting better. His best football is still out in front of him."