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Chronicling Jeannine Edwards' trip to Tucson

ESPN's Jeannine Edwards ate a lot and got rained on preparing for Arizona/Oregon


The Arizona/Oregon game is on ABC or ESPN2 depending on where you live, so ESPN's Jeannine Edwards was in Tucson all week preparing for the game.

Apparently while she was here, she ate a lot, including some goodies courtesy of OL Chris Putton:

That's right....goulash and dumplings from Putton,  Is that a Glendale thing?  Anyway, apparently it was good


The coaches fed her too

It's also senior day today, so she got a glimpse into some of the traditions of the practices leading up to the game.

And it's raining, which for some reason cancelled Wildcat Walk, which led to a bunch of weather-related tweets

She's used to the rain covering horse racing, so I think she'll survive.

Too bad there's not  a picture of her at Dirtbag's