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Oregon vs. Arizona final score: Ka'Deem Carey becomes all-time leader in rushing yards and total touchdowns at Arizona

Certainly a day to remember for Ka'Deem Carey

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

During the Arizona Wildcats 42-16 victory over the Oregon Ducks, Arizona RB Ka'Deem Carey set the new school-record for rushing yards and total TDs.

Carey surpassed Trung Canidate's mark of 3,824 rushing yards as a Wildcat on a 20-yard run during the third quarter.

"I love the way he approaches the game," said head coach Rich Rodriguez.

"Whatever it takes to get the win," said Carey.

"We just executed today," said offensive lineman Chris Putton.  "It's always a pleasure blocking for Ka'Deem."

In Arizona Stadium during the next media timeout, a message showed up on the scoreboard, as well as video of Trung Canidate on the sideline.

"I heard about it on the scoreboard," continued Rodriguez.  "We've got a pretty big scoreboard so it's pretty hard to miss."

"I might give him a candy bar but that's probably an NCAA violation," Rodriguez joked.  "I'll call the NCAA tomorrow to see if I can get him a t-shirt or something."

"It was a great moment," said Carey.

"I wanted to have the O-line in the picture with me because I'm not the only one working."

To add even more to his day, the fourth rushing TD of the night for Ka'Deem broke Art Lupino's school record of 48 total TDs.  Carey didn't know about that until after the game when reporters informed him.  A big smile came across his face and a fist pump.

"What was the record I broke?"

"So many records he doesn't even remember," Denker said.


Ka'Deem, born in Tucson, may be one of the best athletes to ever come out of Tucson.

"It's an honor,"

"He's the best," added B.J. Denker.

"It means a lot to this program, to me, my family.  Being born here, raised here, I feel like I put it on for the city.  We have magic out here."

Take it in Ka'Deem, and please come back next year.