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Arizona vs. ASU: Three keys for Wildcats to take home the hardware

The final three keys of the regular season make a trip to Mill

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Last game of the regular season.... (sad face)

Arizona State is playing for a chance to host the Pac-12 Championship Game next weekend, while the Arizona Wildcats are playing for...well...bowl placement and pride. Probably not in that order.

This rivalry is serious business. I'm basing this on B.J. Denker's experience on Twitter this week.


Anyways, here's a look at how Denker and the rest of the Wildcats can make those silly Sun Devil fans eat their tweets. MILL AVE THEMED

1. Big Bang Dueling Pianos

I am a fan of this establishment. I am also a fan of Arizona's dueling pianos in the backfield, Ka'Deem Carey and B.J. Denker. I particularly enjoy when they make sweet, sweet music together during games.

Beating ASU is sort of like beating Oregon, using the running game to pick up many first downs, and keeping the ball out of the Sun Devil offense's hands. Carey got the ball 48 times last week. He'll need to get right around 40 again this week for Arizona to have any chance. Denker also needs to use his feet to keep the ASU front seven honest. He can roll out and throw the ball, or just take the ball himself. But a steady diet of Denker outside runs and Carey inside runs will be crucial.

2. Smashburger

This goes right along with number one. I'm also a fan of Smashburger, and I'm a fan of the Arizona offensive line going all SMASH on the opposing D line. Will Sutton could probably stop the Arizona run game single-handedly if he is not blocked well. Giving Denker time to find open receivers, and opening holes for Ka'Deem will be enormous for the success of the Wildcat offense as a whole.

3. The Shoe Mill

If we're talking ASU/UA, we're also talking weird things happening on special teams. If I had to guess, this game comes down to a place kicker's shoe making decent contact with the pigskin while the clock is ticking down to zeroes. Can Jake Smith handle the pressure if that's him? Hope so.