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Arizona Baseball: Live game updates from Friday, February 15 against Coppin State

The 2013 season starts for the Wildcats at Hi Corbett against the Coppin State Eagles

Konner Wade
Konner Wade
Harry How

Arizona starts their quest for national championship number five tonight! Konner Wade gets his first career Friday night start.

Coppin State won just 1 game last year, going 1-53. That's right, 1-53! They have zero seniors on the team this year and just five juniors. They play in the MEAC.

First pitch is scheduled for 6:05 pm Arizona time, with 2012 National Championship celebrations going on before the game!

Follow along with the game in the comments section below. You can also watch the game live online here

Here are tonight's lineups:

Arizona Wildcats (0-0)

1. LF Scott Kingery #25

2. RF Joseph Maggi #15

3. CF Johnny Field #1

4. C Riley Moore #6

5. 3B Brandon Dixon #22

6. 2B Trent Gilbert #4

7. DH Tyler Parmenter #24

8. 1B Ryan Koziol #3

9. SS Kevin Newman #2

RHP Konner Wade #48

Coppin State Eagles (0-0)

1. CF Chris Kashangaki #1

2. LF Mike Wright #14

3. SS David Hamlett #24

4. C Alex Brown #18

5. 1B Ian Arciaga #17

6. DH Nathan Pitts #5

7. RF Jack Kraft #22

8. 3B Chris Godfrey #20

9. 2B Colin Dower #3

RHP Darryl Martinez #11