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Washington vs Arizona player grades

A quick recap and player grades for the Washington vs Arizona basketball game

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It was finally nice to see our boys put together a strong offensive and defensive game. Not only did we shoot 47.1% from the field (better than we have been recently) but we shot 40% from behind the arc. We out rebounded Washington by 9 and had 8 blocks in the game. The only area I wish we would have done better is that we only forced 8 turnovers. I can easily over look that though with an 18 point win. Now lets jump into the player grades.

Solomon Hill: A- Hill did a good job of being a leader and went 6-12 from the field for 19 points. He also contributed with 6 rebounds 2 assists and 2 steals. The biggest down fall was his 4 turnovers.

Kevin Parrom: C- I'm having a hard time grading Kevin this game. I felt like he did some very good things out there, but when you look at his stats they are pretty bad. in 26 minutes he went 0-3 for 0 points. He did add 5 rebounds and 2 assists at least.

Kaleb Tarczewski: B Kaleb did a good job shooting 4-6 from the floor for 10 points and added 8 rebounds. I know I have been tough on this guy, but its nice to see him putting up some decent numbers for his size.

Mark Lyons: C When Lyons was actually in the game he did a good job. However, he fouled out in only 21 minutes.

Nick Johnson: B+ Nick did a good job of playing great defense and added a good offensive punch to this game. He went 5-12 from the field for 12 points and added 4 rebounds 5 assists and 2 blocks.

Jordin Mayes: INC

Angelo Chol: B Chol took 0 shots and ended with just 3 rebounds and 2 blocks, but man I love his energy out there. It seems like he adds a ton of attitude to our team. Thus the reason I call him predator.

Brandon Ashley: A- Brandon had a good game. In his 20 minutes he went 3-5 for 10 points and showed a good stroke from outside. He also went 4-4 from the line and finished with 5 rebounds.

Grant Jerrett: C- I expect a lot from Grant, and although he only got 17 minutes yesterday he didn't make his usual impact on the game.

Gabe York: B Gabe came in and played fairly composed. He made one mistake, but quickly made up for it on the defensive end. He went 1-2 from behind the arc. We know hes a great shooter and we may really need that come tournament time.