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Stanford vs Arizona: Player Grades

A quick recap and player grades for the Stanford vs Arizona Basketball game

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

I will start by disclosing I only was able to watch the second half of the game. But from the first half stats, I guess I got to watch the better of the two halves. Overall as a team, the stats that really stand out start with our poor free throw shooting of 17-25 and shooting 6-20 from behind the arc. However, we did managed to out rebound Stanford while missing Grant Jerrett, which is always a plus. Lets jump into the individual grades now.

Solomon Hill: A- Obviously I missed the first half, and it sounds like he was MIA during that time. However, he really pushed this team to a win. Hill finished with 23 points and 6 rebounds. We will need him to take control to go deep this year.

Brandon Ashley: D I know I have been harsh on our young big men this year. But this game I was pretty disappointed in both of our big men. Ashley fouled out in only 13 minutes on the floor. He also only went 2-8 from the floor.

Kaleb Tarczewski: D Tarc only got 13 minutes in this game, and had zero fouls. What that tells me is Miller was not thrilled with his production while on the floor. He finished with 1 point, and only took 1 shot the entire game.

Mark Lyons: A- I knocked down his grade just a tiny bit since the player he was marking really had a good game against him as well. However, his stats are just impressive in the game. Shooting 9-13 for 25 points, which included 3-6 from behind the line. He also added 2 steals, 6 assists, and 2 rebounds. All around a solid game.

Nick Johnson: C+ Nick can sometimes be a hard guy to grade. His stats were very unimpressive today, but like usual he did a good job on defense. We need him to get more than 2 points in the game.

Kevin Parrom: B+ Kevin had a pretty solid game off the bench. Finishing with 8 points and 9 rebounds, Parrom really helped cover for our lack of size when our big men went out.

Jordin Mayes: C Jordin didn't do a whole lot great or bad. Just an average game for him.

Angelo Chol: B+ Chol really gave us what we needed with Grant being out today. He came in and played 24 minutes (more than both Tarc and Ashley), and in that time he went 3-6 from the field for 6 points and had 8 rebounds.