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Brandon Dixon carrying the Arizona Wildcats offense through 10 games

Brandon Dixon has seen a huge improvement from 2012, turning into Arizona's best hitter in the early part of 2013

Brandon Dixon has gotten off to a hot start in 2013
Brandon Dixon has gotten off to a hot start in 2013

Junior Brandon Dixon has seen huge success in the first 10 games of the 2013 season.

He is currently the team leader in batting average (.406), doubles (2), home runs (1), RBI (14), slugging percentage (.688), hit by pitches (6), on-base percentage (.533), sac flies (2), and stolen bases (6).

But after the struggles he had last year, not very many people expected this from Dixon as he split time at first base in 2012 with Joseph Maggi.

In 2012, Dixon played in 62 games, starting 38 of them. He hit just .245, and had 14 RBI in his 155 at-bats.

He has 14 RBI through 32 at-bats this year.

So what's changed?

Laser eye surgery.

"He used to have a hard time distinguishing the spin in terms of breaking balls and off-speed pitches," said head coach Andy Lopez.

"He's done a marvelous job since he's been back."

But there's a little more behind his success than just eye surgery.

"I worked with the coaches a lot, working on my swing, my approach, mostly staying up the middle, and working on a base hit stroke and being able to adjust to off-speed and two-strikes. That's the main thing," said Dixon. "1 through 9 we have a pretty solid lineup. In the middle of the order it's producing. The guys on top are getting on base for us, and we just need to get those strokes going and we'll be fine."

This year, Brandon Dixon is the Wildcats third baseman, replacing Seth Mejias-Brean.

"It's been good," Dixon said of the transition to third base. "I feel pretty comfortable over there, I mean I've made a couple errors over there but I feel pretty comfortable."

Dixon does also lead the team in errors with 3.

It's been a very impressive 10-game stretch for Dixon, as well as most of the lineup and pitchers. The team's record is 8-2, right where they were through 10 games last year.

"We're excited to keep going and see where this team's heading and get into Pac-12 pretty soon and looking forward to it."