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Arizona Football: What to expect at the Wildcats open scrimmage on Saturday

In a word: nothing

The Arizona Wildcats will have more of a public practice than scrimmage Saturday night at Arizona Stadium
The Arizona Wildcats will have more of a public practice than scrimmage Saturday night at Arizona Stadium

Saturday, Arizona Football will have a meet the team event and a "scrimmage".  But if you're planning on going, don't expect a full-on scrimmage, and don't expect to be able to draw any conclusions on who any starters will be.

"We're just having practice," said head coach Rich Rodriguez.

For those who want to see practice tomorrow, it will begin at 6 PM in Arizona Stadium.  There's also another pick your seat event in the North Endzone at 4:30.

On what fans should expect: "Probably less than they normally would.  We need more of a regular practice than a true scrimmage.  We're just not ready for that, and that's kind of scary because we're two weeks away from a game.  We're doing a lot of situational stuff and we'll do it again tomorrow night."

"They'll be parts of it live, but not a lot.  Normally in a scrimmage we go an hour and fifteen minutes live, tomorrow we may go thirty minutes live at the most."

With such a short time of practice being live tomorrow, everyone's going to need to take advantage of every chance they have to prove themselves.  Co-offensive coordinator and QBs coach Rod Smith told me what he'll be looking for from the QBs during those live sessions.

"Execution.  Who's moving the chains.  Who's understanding what they're seeing coverage-wise, front-wise.  Are they making the right reads and I'll be able to know that based on where the ball goes."

"We have guys that know what they're doing, we just gotta be more consistent in how we're doing and what we're doing to play at a higher level."

In other news, Arizona legend Ricky Hunley was at practice, and we did see him address the entire team at the end of practice.

"Ricky was in town, we've gotten to know each other pretty well," said RichRod. "He hadn't seen all the new facilities yet."

"This program's had a lot of tough, hard-nosed football players for many, many years.  That Hard Edge, that's not something we invented, that's been the culture here for many years, and I hope our guys got the message."

Hunley was the first-ever Wildcat to earn consensus All-American honors when he did so in 1982, and again in 1983.

"The way Ricky played....he played with a certain edge about him."

On if any of the guys know who Hunley is and what he did, all they need to do is look around Lowell-Stevens Football Facility.

"We got it plastered up so many places, and the live-sized poster in the weight room so if they don't know who he is they haven't been in the weight room enough."