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Arizona football: The good, the bad, and the ugly from Wildcats' first scrimmage

The running game looks good. The throwing game does not

Daniel Jenkins and the other Arizona running backs looked very impressive at the Wildcats first scrimmage on Saturday
Daniel Jenkins and the other Arizona running backs looked very impressive at the Wildcats first scrimmage on Saturday
Christian Petersen

The Arizona Wildcats had their first scrimmage Saturday night in Arizona Stadium during the "Meet the Team" event.  Surprisingly, it was basically a full scrimmage for about an hour, with some solid hitting at times.

Here's a recap of what looked good, and what didn't.

The Good: Running Backs

It is definitely not a surprise that Ka'Deem Carey and Daniel Jenkins looked great.  Finding holes, making cuts, everything.

What was a surprise?  How many running backs looked good.

Pierre Cormier especially looked good.  Runs downhill and doesn't care what is in between him and the endzone.  I really liked Zach Green too.  And Terris Jones looked good lining up in the slot and in the backfield.

The Bad: The Passing Game

It is also definitely not a surprise that the passing game didn't exactly look spectacular.  B.J. Denker and Jesse Scroggins were consistently overthrowing guys, and it doesn't look like Scroggins is very comfortable with playcalling right now either.

Nick Isham was the most accurate passer.  He's just not as athletic as the rest of the group.  Khari McGee showed flashes of his playmaking ability.  Anu Solomon does not look like he is ready to play Division-1 football, and I expect that he redshirts this season.

The one enormous positive: Connor Brewer.  He may only have had a handful of snaps, but he definitely looked the most comfortable out on the field.  A good sign for the 2014 season.

The Ugly: Defensive Depth, Special Teams

Now don't get me wrong, the first team defense looked very impressive.  A lot of intensity out there from those guys.

What wasn't impressive was the second and third team defenses.  Don't remember them having a good series at any time during the night.  Could not stop the run to save their lives, and gave up a couple of deep passes.  A lot of confusion out there on coverages and blitzing schemes.

Something else that was awful: field goal kicking.  Same old story as it has been the last few years.  There isn't a guy who can consistently make field goals under pressure.  Even some extra points barely snuck inside the uprights.  It's gonna be another one of those years when the field goal team is sent out there.