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Arizona Fooball: Connor Brewer on transferring from Texas and adjusting to Tucson

Connor Brewer on why he chose to come to Arizona, and his role with the team moving forward

Transfer QB Connor Brewer talks about coming to Arizona and what he looks forward to next year
Transfer QB Connor Brewer talks about coming to Arizona and what he looks forward to next year
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Last month, Connor Brewer announced he was transferring from Texas to join the Arizona Wildcats.  Today, he sat down and talked about what played into the decision.

"Texas has a lot of great things about it.  I just wanted to get here and get a new start."

Obviously, Brewer has a lot to learn with the new offense, but he has an entire year to do so.

"When they hand you that playbook, that was kind of the biggest thing so far.  The coaches do a really good job of teaching you everything you need to know.  Obviously I'm still learning."

How did RichRod sell Arizona to Brewer?

"Coach RichRod has done a great job kind of changing the atmosphere here, with the new facilities, new players.  I definitely think I have a chance to compete.  Just giving me a chance and that's kind of all I need."

"Next year when I have a chance to I can show coach what I can do."

At last night's scrimmage, Connor Brewer came off (to me at least) as the guy with the most poise out of all the QBs.  Certainly being at Texas had something to do with that.

"I think definitely coming from a school like Texas, where there's so many people around, even when you have an open practice you're getting ten or fifteen thousand people out there, so I'm kind of used to having people watching me.  Obviously I'm still learning the offense but I have a sense of comfort out there.  I think kind of being relaxed, calm, and leading the troops down the field is something that I just try to do, especially when I'm at the helm."

"I'm just trying to learn it, it will definitely take a little bit of time and I think it's coming along pretty good."

Brewer can't play this year, so he'll have to find ways to stay involved, and improve as much as he can before the 2014 season.

"Taking this off-year, it can definitely be beneficial.  I just need to be a sponge to the coaches whenever I can, and learn timing of the receivers and learn the offense so I can get ready for next year."

On his biggest strength: "Combination of leadership and all I really need to do is get the ball to receivers hands."

"I think the receivers we have are going to make a lot of great plays.  Just executing the offense the way the coaches want us to."

"Some of these freshmen are in the first group and do a lot of great thigns.  I think it's definitely a bright thing for the future of Arizona, just having all these receivers and a lot of great young talent."