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Arizona football: Updates on the QB battle and freshmen you should expect to see Week 1

It's pretty clear who the quarterbacks will be that make the roster. And the battle for the starting job sounds like it's down to two guys

It appears that B.J. Denker will be the starting QB week 1 for Arizona
It appears that B.J. Denker will be the starting QB week 1 for Arizona
Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

After practice on Wednesday night, head coach Rich Rodriguez was a little more forthcoming than he has been about who will be taking snaps from center this year.

"The freshmen aren't ready to play.  That part I know," said Rodriguez.

"B.J. (Denker) has gotten better.  Javelle (Allen), (Nick) Isham, (Jesse) Scroggins.  Scroggins has been a little sick so that's given other guys more opportunities like Javelle Allen.  It's still open."

"I've been pleased with the way B.J.'s progressed and the way Javelle's progressed over the last few days."

"They're getting better.  B.J.'s been ahead from day one just because of experience, but I've challenged him more and he's responded to the challenge, more so in the last few days than before, so he's playing better.  Good for him."

"I think the only difference is that we're getting closer to gametime," said Denker.  "(The scrimmage) was a good stepping stone for this week and I'm trying to have a better week of practice this week."

"I'm coming out here every day and trying to compete.  I need to perform well every day."

While no freshmen will be playing quarterback, there will be some playing linebacker.

"I think we're deeper just because of the freshmen class.  Scooby Wright, (Derrick) Turituri, DeAndre' Miller, and Jake Matthews have given us some depth there that we didn't have last year."

Also, Trevor Ermisch was awarded a scholarship for the year.  "Well, Trevor's a guy that knows all the positions on offense.  That's why he's valuable for us."

"We were about to work out and (Rodriguez) pulled me in one of the strength staff offices and let me know," said Ermisch.  "He said it's nice to get a scholarship coming out of high school because that means you're a good high school player, but if you get one in college that means you're a good college player."

Denker apparently broke the news to the Ermisch family by tweeting this out:

"I came back to the locker room and I had three texts from my mom saying 'Call me, call me call me'.  So she found out that way.  I called her and obviously she was happy."

"My mom and dad are obviously the ones paying for my school right now so I had to let them know the good news that they don't need to do that anymore."

"I think I just got better and more mature as a receiver this year.  I've learned from guys like David Douglas, just got a little better this year."

"I was here all the way.  I really like the coaches.  Wanted to stay here the whole way.  Love the fans, love everything about to Tucson.  Glad I'm here."