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Football Week 1 preview and predictions thread

A place where you can see previews and make predictions of the upcoming week of football.

Christian Petersen

What an exciting week we have in store for us. FINALLY it's the first week of college football. Unlike the pro's we don't have a "pre season" that doesn't count. Instead, a weak loss in week 1, can cost you for the entire year. For each week this is your place to come and tell us who you think is going to win. Please join in and place your predictions. I will being putting my own predictions down and keeping track of how I do, so  feel free to do the same.

With that said Lets get started. For week 1 its always hard because I haven't seen any of the teams play yet.

Thursday Aug 29th

USC vs Hawaii 11:00pm ET
Will USC go on vacation in Hawaii instead of preparing for the game? How will their new QB do. Those are a few major questions they will need to ask. Prediction: USC 24 Hawaii 14

Utah ST. vs Utah 8:00pm ET
Personally I'm not a real fan of rivalries in week 1. But I guess BYU is the real rivalry for Utah. Prediction: Utah ST. 13 Utah 21

Friday Aug 30th

Northern Arizona vs Arizona 10:00pm ET
Finally the time to start is here. I expect big things from this team this year, as I'm sure we all do. Prediction: Northern Arizona 10 Arizona 35

Saturday Aug 31st

Nicholls ST vs Oregon 4:00pm ET
Oregon has a pretty weak schedule this year. I kind of feel sorry for Nicholls ST until I realize how much money they will get paid for this beating. Prediction: Nicholls ST 7 Oregon 63

E. Washington vs OSU 6:00pm ET
OSU has some lofty expectations this year. Not sure if they will meet them or not, but they should get off to a good start. Prediction: E. Washington 10 OSU 31

Washington ST vs Auburn 7:00pm ET (Game of the week number 1)
WSU is heading across the country to play Auburn. I don't trust Auburn at all and I'm really hoping a PAC team (no matter who) does well in SEC country. For that reason I'm calling a bold upset here. Prediction WSU 28 Auburn 17

Nevada vs UCLA 10:00pm ET
UCLA seems to be on a lot of peoples "hot" list this year. We will see if they don't stumble against Nevada. Prediction: Nevada 21 UCLA 33

Boise ST vs Washington 10:00pm ET
As much as I want to pick Washington at home, not sure if they can pull this upset. Would it surprise me, not really, but going to have to pick against them on this game. Predicition: Boise ST 24 Washington 17

Northwestern vs Cal 10:30pm ET (Game of the week number 2)
Northwestern comes in ranked after a good year. Not sure if that was a fluke or not, but I'm giving Cal some love at home here. Prediction: Northwestern 21 Cal 24

Sunday Aug 31st

Colorado vs Colorado st 6:00pm ET
This game is probably the one I want to watch the least. I hate to say it, but its true. Predictions: Colorado 17 Colorado ST 14

I don't normally do 2 games of the week, but in this case I felt it was a good idea. I can't wait for this weekend. Enjoy