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Football week 4 Preview and Predictions

A Look into the football games for this weekened

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back everyone for another great week of PAC 12 football. We are on a role right now, and even have some analyst debating if we are the best conference top to bottom in the nation. What a great feeling that is. Last week I had a great week going 9-1, which means for the year my winner predictions are at 23-6. Lets hope I can keep that going strong.


Idaho St vs Washington (17th) 3:00pm ET Kick off. This game should be over very quickly. Washington should walk right over Idaho St at home. Idaho St 7 Washington 49

Utah St vs USC 3:30pm ET Kick off. I watched Utah st when they played Utah, and I was very impressed with their QB in that game. I am close to picking the upset (mainly because I don't trust Kiffin) but I think USC's defense will be strong enough to stop their QB.  Utah St. Utah St. 17 USC 21

Arizona St (23rd)  vs Stanford (5th) 7:00pm ET Kick off (GAME OF THE WEEK) This should be a good matchup, however all the mistakes ASU makes will really cost them against Stanford. Plus I think Karma from last weeks game will catch up. Arizona St. 24 Stanford 28

Oregon St vs San Diego St 7:30pm ET Kick off. It seems that Oregon st has figured some things out since that opening game loss. Their offense is rolling, but can their defense improve? In this game I say yes. Oregon St. 35 San Diego St. 21

Utah vs BYU 10:15pm ET Kickoff. This is a great rivalry game to watch, and I have enjoyed watching it since Utah joined the Pac. BYU had a big win against texas, but after watching Texas this year, is that still considered a big win? I think Utah will go into Provo and take the win. Utah 24 BYU 17

New Mexico St. vs UCLA (13th) 10:30pm ET Kick off. Not much to say here, after a big win against Nebraska UCLA should come home and take care of this game fairly easy. New Mexico St. 10 UCLA 44

Idaho vs Washington St. 10:30pm ET Kick off. WSU is finally a team that doesn't embarass the PAC every week. I am so happy to be able to say that. Idaho 17 Washington St 35

Good luck everyone