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ACHA Preseason Rankings: Arizona starts 2013-14 season ranked 19th

The Wildcats start this year pretty much right where they finished last year, just outside the top 16

Arizona hosts plenty of the top teams in the ACHA this year
Arizona hosts plenty of the top teams in the ACHA this year
Jason Bartel

Today, the ACHA released its preseason rankings.  Defending champ Minot State enters the 2013-14 season as the No. 1 team in the country.  Arizona?  Well, they're 19th.  Also, they have been picked to finish fourth in the newly formed WCHL, behind Arizona State, Oklahoma and Central Oklahoma.

Here's a look at the full rankings:


The Wildcats will face plenty of teams that are in the preseason top 25 this year.  Here's a rundown of when they face some of the top teams in the country.

No. 1 Minot State

In Tucson November 8th and 9th, at Minot February 14th and 15th

No. 2 Arizona State

In Tucson December 6th and 7th as well as February 21st and 22nd. At ASU October 4th and 5th as well as January 31st and February 1st

No. 6 Oklahoma

In Tucson January 9th, in Oklahoma City October 18th and 19th

No. 9 Iowa State

In Tucson November 22nd and 23rd

No. 11 Delaware

In Tucson October 26th

No. 13 Liberty

In Tucson January 17th and 18th, at Liberty October 11th and 12th

No. 14 Central Oklahoma

In Tucson January 10th and 11th, in Oklahoma City October 17th

The Wildcats' postseason fate this year is definitely in their own hands.  25 of their 40 total games are against the preseason top 14.  Pretty exciting that all these good teams come to Tucson at some point this year.

You can find the entire hockey schedule here.  The Wildcats start the 2013-14 season Friday, September 27th at NAU.