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Football Week 5 Preview and Predictions

A weekly look at the upcoming football games and predictions

Christian Petersen

Welcome back everyone. Last week was a great one for myself as I went 7-0 in predictions. That gives me a total for the year of 30-6, and I got to say I am pleased to be able to see that. However, we all know when league season rolls around the predictions get much tougher. So without further ado lets jump into it.


A weekly look at the upcoming football games and predictions. This game seems like an easy one to pick. However, Colorado is a completely different team this year. With that said, OSU has seemed to get it turned around from their early season issues, and I think they will go into Colorado and pull out a closer than expected win.Colorado 17 OSU 27

Arizona vs Washington Kick off @ 7:00pm ET (GAME OF THE WEEK) Man this game is giving me some pain. I think it will be an amazing game. Arizona hasn't really been tested yet, and this will be a huge test. Washington has been playing very well lately, and at home is always tough. I honestly don't want to pick this game because I have no clue. I think Arizona has something special though, so I'm going with the upset on the road. Arizona 27 Washington 24

Stanford vs WSU Kick off @ 10:00pm ET. I love that WSU has improved so much under their new coach. It helps the leagues image a ton. However, Stanford will be too much for the cougars. Stanford pulls away for the win. Stanford 31 WSU 21

Cal vs Oregon Kick of @ 10:30pm ET. Cal has been the biggest disappointment to me so far this year. Oregon at home against Cal should be a blow out. Cal 10 Oregon 45

USC vs ASU Kick off @ 10:30pm ET. This game has gotten interesting now that USC has finally started looking a little better on offense. This is another tough one for me to pick. I want to say whichever team has the least amount of dumb penalties will probably win. I am going to go with USC on the road thanks to their defense. USC 24 ASU 20