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Arizona vs. Washington: Three rain-soaked keys for the Wildcats to top Huskies in Seattle

How to pull an upset at Husky Stadium

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the Arizona Wildcats blasted the Washington Huskies last year when the two teams met at Arizona Stadium. But a 52-17 win doesn't seem likely this year. Washington has changed, as has Arizona.

So how do the Cats come out of Seattle with a W? Well, here's a few things that need to happen:

1. Thunder and Lightning

This is actually a big key to each and every Arizona game from here on out this year. Ka'Deem Carey and Daniel Jenkins will be the most effective parts of the Wildcat offense, especially with a 100% chance of rain in the forecast for Seattle tomorrow afternoon and evening. Thunder (Ka'Deem) and lightning (DJ) and then sprinkle in a little B.J. Denker action on the ground. This could be very effective against Washington's D.

2. The Price is Right

Drew Carey -> Seattle Sounders...anyways....The corners get their first true test this weekend against Keith Price and the Huskies passing game. Can the likes of Tra'Mayne Bondurant, Jourdon Grandon, Jonathan McKnight and others contain that aerial attack that might be thrown at them? The D has a certain swagger that it definitely didn't have last year. To keep that swag going, the "SWAT Defense" will be out on the field a lot this week, and could potentially be the defining part of the game on that side of the ball.

3. Adjusting to the Puget Sound

Along with being the first conference game of the year, this is also the first time some of these guys will play in a hostile environment, because let's be honest, UNLV wasn't exactly a true away game for the Cats. Will nervousness get the best of B.J. Denker? How about some of the freshmen like Scooby Wright, Samajie Grant and Nate Phillips? How will playing in front of an away crowd affect them? Scooby said after the first series at home against NAU that his head was spinning, but followed that up with a solid game after that. Will he feel comfortable early this week?

A lot of questions heading into this many will have a positive answer? How about negative answers? Gotta have good games from a lot of people to pull this one out.