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Arizona vs. Washington: Where in the world was Daniel Jenkins?

So much for running two-back sets

Ka'Deem Carey with another 100 yard rushing game against Washington Saturday
Ka'Deem Carey with another 100 yard rushing game against Washington Saturday
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, the Arizona Wildcats offense struggled against the Washington Huskies.  Some of the struggles in the first half can be put on the wind and rain situation in Seattle this weekend.  But where does the rest of it go?

Seems as though everyone's going to put a lot of blame on B.J. Denker.  I understand Arizona fans being frustrated with the lack of star-quality play at quarterback, especially after going back-to-back with Nick Foles and Matt Scott.

But I want to look elsewhere.

First, where was Daniel Jenkins?  He didn't even get a touch until Javelle Allen was in the game.  If Arizona really is a run-first team, why not use the advantage of having two totally different running backs?  You're not going to win games by slamming Ka'Deem Carey down the opponents' throats.  At least with two backs, the defense can't all swarm towards one guy on the read option.

That was the most confusing part of this game for me.

The receivers need to be looked at hard here too.  Sure, there were instances when guys were wide open and Denker didn't find them.  Fine.  But more often than not, guys were running routes out of bounds.  Why?  What's the point?  Even if you come back in bounds to catch the ball, it's a penalty.  The receivers are leaving something to be desired out there with their route running and their pass catching ability.  Johnny Jackson and Terrence Miller are upperclassmen, and they're out there dropping balls that are hitting them right in the hands.

There's already an uproar about Denker playing, but who are you going to put in?

Javelle Allen?  Extremely small sample size here, but his one pass attempt this year landed about 30 yards away from the closest receiver.

Jesse Scroggins?  He didn't even travel with the team to Seattle and didn't dress against UTSA.

Nick Isham?  He's been here for one semester, and Louisiana Tech ain't Arizona ladies and gentlemen.

Other guys with experience need to be stepping up, and that didn't happen in Seattle today.  They have a week and a half to find that will to win before heading to USC.