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Football Week 2 preview and predictions

A weekly look at the upcoming games

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back everyone. Man it was great to get the first week of football in. Overall with my picks I managed to only get 6 out of the 10 games correct. Not the greatest. In the comments Jason Bartel managed to correctly pick 8 of the 10 games. Great job Jason.

Some surprises for the first week: Washington destroying BSU was probably the biggest surprise to me. The majority of the other wins were all fairly expected.

Negative surprises: Oregon state..... Just go home please and don't embarrass the conference any more. I really don't understand this team. It seems like every year they come out and lay an egg to start the season (sac state?). By the end of the year though they seem to be one of the more competitive teams. I just don't get it.

Alright its time to get into the upcoming games in week 2.

Thursday sept 5th

Sac St. vs ASU 10:00pm ET Kick off: Although Sacramento State does have a recent history of upsetting a Pac 12 team, this game should not be a repeat. ASU 42 Sac St. 14

Saturday Sept 7th

Weber St vs Utah 2:00pm ET Kick off: Utah managed to get it together and pull off a solid win last week. Their QB seems to be growing into the system, and I expect another win this week. Weber St 10 Utah 31

Oregon (2nd) vs Virginia 3:30pm ET Kick off: Oregon has a pretty easy schedule this year, and as far as non conference this is probably as hard as it will get. Is there any chance being on the road cross country causes issues for Oregon? I have to say no, they should win. Oregon 49 Virginia 14

Portland St. vs Cal 5:00pm ET Kick off: Cal should have done better in my eyes against Northwestern. This should give them a chance to lick their wounds and come away with a win this week. Portland St 17 Cal 35

Central Arkansas vs Colorado 8:00pm ET Kick off: Colorado is coming off a win. Sorry I had to put that because it feels like forever since I've gotten a chance to say it. They have a real shot of going 2-0 to start the year this year. Central Arkansas 17 Colorado 31

Hawaii vs Oregon St 8:00pm ET Kick off: I honestly don't even want to pick this game. I will just say Oregon state needs to win this game just to get a little respect back from last weekend. Hawaii 21 Oregon St. 35

Washington State vs USC (25th) 10:30pm ET Kick off (GAME OF THE WEEK): This is really the game of the week just because there aren't too many good ones this week. First Pac 12 game though, so it will get some love. USC really frustrated me to watch last week. There corner backs are suspect, and play calling horrible. That being said WSU was actually decent, and with how much they throw the ball I wonder how USC's cornerbacks will handle it. WSU 27 USC 30

Arizona vs UNLV 10:30pm ET Kick off: We had a great start to the season and I fully expect that to continue in week 2. Another dominating game for our team and Rich Rod. Arizona 34 UNLV 7

San Jose St. vs Stanford 11:00pm ET Kick off: I don't have a lot to say about Stanford, except I'm excited to see if they are going to be good enough to give Oregon a run for the North. I fully expect them to win this game fairly easy. San Jose St. 7 Stanford 28

As you can see I think we will have a great week in the Pac 12, especially with the quality of teams we are playing. Let me know how you think this weekend will go.