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Arizona Football: Scooby Wright impresses teammates, coaches with hard effort

Scooby Wright had a heck of a game as a true freshman last week

Christian Petersen

"He's always going 100 miles per hour...110 percent."

That's the consensus from everyone inside the program when asked about Scooby Wright.  No exceptions.  Literally everyone says that.

I asked him a while back what the one thing that head coach Rich Rodriguez has said to him that stuck out the most.  "Just having a hard edge."

"I think that's one of the things I try to do.  My parents and all my other coaches have tried to embed in me, is just try to be tough, have a good effort.  That's always stuck out to me."

That hard work and great work ethic earned the freshman the first "Hard Edge Player of the Week".

"It's just someone who plays hard," said Wright.  "Just do what they need to do to win."

He attributes that work ethic to his dad, who coaches softball back home.

"He's coached me my whole life...he's always told me if you're going to mess up do it 110 percent cuz you're only half wrong.  Something that he's always preached to me."

"Sometimes it gets him into trouble," said Jake Fischer.  "But other times it helps him make plays.  Once he learns all the little details he'll probably be an All-PAC-12 Linebacker."

"Whether he knows he's doing it or not, he goes all out," added Marquis Flowers.  "He's a great kid, great teammate, he's going to give it his all."

"Jake's always putting in extra work with me," said Wright.  "Marquis always makes sure I keep my head up when things are tough for me.  He always looks out for me."

In the season opener against NAU, Wright recorded six total tackles, good for a tie for third on the team.

"It was pretty cool coming out of the locker room with all those fans," said Wright.

"The first couple plays, the first defensive series I felt like I blinked, and a play happened and everyone was flying around.  After that I started to calm down."

"When I finally turned (my phone) back on, I had like 43 text messages from all my family and friends back home.  So it was pretty cool to have all the support."

Scooby's definitely a man of few words, so it may be hard to get to know him better.  But Arizona fans should learn his name.  He'll be an impact guy on the field for the Wildcats for the next several years.