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Arizona basketball: Pac-12 announces schedule for 2014

As was to be expected the Arizona Wildcats will be featured plenty in the upcoming season on both the PAC-12 Network and national broadcasts.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The long awaited wait for the PAC-12 to announce its league schedule for the 2014 season is over as every game for the 2014-2015 PAC-12 men's hoops season was announced tonight. In an interesting twist the Wildcats open up with rival Arizona State at home on January 4th on Fox Sports One in their lone conference game of the weekend.

Some other tidbits from the 2014-2015 schedule include once again just one game against the Southern California schools (this year in Tucson) and Washington schools. Seven of the Wildcats' first twelve games will be on the road as they make their first road trip of the season to the Oregon schools. The uncertainty over what teams will rise up and challenge the Wildcats at the top of the conference could be answered early as Colorado, Utah and Stanford all get cracks at Sean Miller's club in the first seven games of the league schedule.

If you're not interested in scrolling through the whole link to pick them out the Wildcats' schedule is also listed on the Pac-12's website now.

The football team's success is certainly enough to distract everyone from the upcoming season but the Wildcats will be back on the hardwood soon enough to start their redemption tour.