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Arizona Basketball: 'Cats head to Corvallis looking for road sweep

Coming off an impressive road win Thursday night at Oregon, Arizona heads to Oregon State looking for a weekend road sweep in its first league trip outside Tucson.

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona made things relatively easy on Thursday night rolling past the Oregon Ducks on a court one of our own called "the worst in America". As a result the Wildcats now head to Oregon State with a chance to complete the weekend sweep and move to 3-0 in league play.

Sean Miller has made some slight adjustments in recent weeks to tweak the lineup and get different looks to see what units work best and get a feel for what he can do to put the 'Cats in the best position. It wouldn't be surprising to see him do something similar against the Beavers in a game the Wildcats, should they play well, should run away with.

Lets look at some of the keys to the game for Arizona to come out of it 3-0 in league play:

1. Beavers missing pieces

Despite Oregon State's struggles in recent years, the Beavers weren't short on talent. Between Roberto Nelson and Devon Collier, Oregon State had some parts in place that you had to be concerned with. In 2014 that isn't as much the case. While the Beavers have competed the top end talent isn't as strong as a season ago. Arizona defensively should be able to lock up the Beavers attack and force them into tough shots all afternoon. Oregon State simply doesn't have the scorers it has had the past few seasons.

2. Smart shot selection

Oregon State defensively has been solid to date this season. The Beavers rank in the top 50 nationally in both three point defense and two point defense. They make you work for baskets and while Arizona's offense has been good most of the season, the Wildcats still go through stretches where they seem to struggle to put quality possessions together. Arizona has the size and talent to make it tough on Oregon State all night, but if they start settling for bad shots and long jumpers they could make it a closer game than it should be.

3. Attack a foul prone defense

Oregon State can't help themselves. They're a team who foul and foul and foul. Arizona given its athletic advantage and height advantage should be able to put Oregon State in positions where they foul. Arizona isn't a great free throw shooting team still but the simple mass free throw advantage it should be able to rack up should pay dividends later on in the game. The Beavers can't afford to let Arizona get easy points at the line in a game they're massively overwhelmed from a talent standpoint to begin with.


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