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2014 Year in Review: The top 14 stories on AZ Desert Swarm

A look back at our most popular stories from 2014

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It was a pretty good year to be an Arizona Wildcats fan overall. While there may not have been any National Championships or anything like that, a lot of pretty awesome stuff happened in and around the Old Pueblo.

Here's a look back at the 14 most-viewed stories on AZ Desert Swarm in 2014.

14. All of the running backs picked ahead of Ka'Deem Carey

The greatest running back in Arizona history sat around waiting for his name to be called in the NFL Draft a little longer than most people expected, especially with some of these dudes picked in front of him.

13. Carey's NFL Draft Profile

Our look at everything that went into Carey's resume as scouts decided on whether or not to take him.

12. The Hill Mary

Relive the greatness that was Anu Solomon's toss to Austin Hill to take down Cal and begin the magical ride to a Pac-12 South Title.

11. Aaron Gordon's crazy measurements and the NBA Draft Combine

Aaron Gordon showed off just how crazy athletic he is for the scouts.

10. RichRod to Louisville rumors

This isn't the only type of this story on this list. But of course, coach is still in Tucson.

9. Oregon making up a Marcus Mariota injury story

Arizona is still the only team that topped the National Championship Game-bound Ducks this season, and the coaching staff was trying to make excuses for it.

8. NBA Draft Combine results for Nick Johnson and Aaron Gordon

Athletic freaks man

7. The odds of Arizona players leaving for the Draft

Good thing the last three guys on this list are still here.

6. The impact Brandon Ashley's injury had on Arizona in 2014

How Arizona dealt with the biggest blow to its National Title hopes

5. ASU/Arizona scientifically named most intense college football rivalry


4. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson joins a Jewish frat

This was when we realized RHJ wasn't going pro yet.

3. ASU's 'A' Mountain gets painted Red and Blue

The Sun Devils were definitely not prepared to defend their mountain three full weeks before the Territorial Cup game

2. NCAA Tournament hype video

Remember this video? Still pretty epic

And our top story in 2014 is...

1. RichRod to Florida rumors!

This also didn't happen obvs. But who knows, maybe RichRod to Miami will be on this list next year?

Thanks for a great year everyone, and here's to an even better 2015!