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Arizona v. ASU Preview: Ask a Sun Devil

House of Sparky's Nick Krueger answers our questions about today's Arizona v. ASU game.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Krueger from House of Sparky sits down with AZ Desert Swarm and talks about today's Arizona v. ASU game.

There was a lot of turnover from last year's team. How would you describe the current ASU team?

Nick Krueger: ASU is not necessarily young, but they're definitely inexperienced. Herb Sendek is still fiddling with the lineup, trending toward the more athletic lineups after an embarrassing loss to Lehigh. It has been a mix of decent production from the junior college transfers and young talent such as Kodi Justice.

How this year's ASU squad filled in now that Jahii Carson's has left?

NK: Gerry Blakes is the main player who has stepped up for the Sun Devils off the ball at the two-guard spot. He's averaging 12.2 points and 5.1 rebounds per game. The point guard spot remains a rotation of Kodi 
Justice and Tra Holder. While Holder got the biggest chunk of minutes in the early season, Justice has been pressing as of late. 

What player should Arizona be most worried about?

NK: Savon Goodman no doubt, he's definitely the player to watch out for. He first became eligible when the Sun Devils matched up with Marquette and he has dominated in each game he has played in since, averaging 15.8 
points and eight rebounds per game.

Arizona tends to be streaky from behind the arc. If we go cold will ASU be able to score on a strong Wildcat defense?

NK: They're really going to need to move the ball around the perimeter well if Arizona is going to play man to man. If ASU has a huge strength offensively, its their 3-point shooting. If the Sun Devils can penetrate and kick with Jon Gilling and Bo Barnes making shots, ASU might have a chance.

One of Arizona's biggest strength is our size. How are the Sun Devils in the paint?

NK: Eric Jacobsen is definitely one of the most improved players on the team, but he only stands 6-foot-10. He's averaging 10.3 points and 7.4 rebounds per game. If Arizona is going to hurt ASU badly, its going to be on the boards.

How are the Devils at hitting the glass?

They're only giving up 30 rebounds per game, but the team's weakness in non-conference play was turnovers, averaging 14.5 per game.

Which Arizona player gets the most heat from ASU fans?

NK: I get the feeling its T.J. McConnell for whatever reason, but that's truly just a hunch. I don't think they like the way he carries himself on the court, he got some stuff thrown at him from the ASU student section in Tempe last year.

What is the biggest mismatch coming into this game for ASU?

NK: As I alluded to earlier I think its Jacobsen vs. Kaleb Tarczewski and Brandon Ashley. Jacobsen is more physical but I just don't think he can handle the one-two punch and the Sun Devils' guards are too small to get much penetration.

Is there an X factor that could swing the game for the Sun Devils?

NK: I would definitely say Savon Goodman for the reasons I mentioned earlier. He's built like a football player and his physicality can help Jacobsen in the paint and on the boards.