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Sonoran Hot Reads: Should Pac-12 go to eight conference games?

Time to overreact to a middle-heavy conference

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With both of the Pac-12's top-ten teams losing on Saturday, it looks like the conference will be left out of this year's College Football Playoff, no matter what happens these last two weeks. That's led people to wonder if the Pac-12 is digging itself a hole it can't climb out of by playing nine conference games rather than the more popular option of eight. Lindsay Schnell says in there that all coaches would vote for an eight-game schedule. I don't think that was true a year ago, but might be now. This year's been weird though. There are no dominant teams in college football, and the Pac-12 has become the victim of certain teams getting hot at the right time.

- The coaching staff picked essentially the same players of the game that we did

- Recruiting target Connor Murphy seems to have enjoyed himself at the game on Saturday. Jonathan Kongbo was in Tucson as well

- Bob Baffert was at the game Saturday, and Steve Rivera has the details on possible names in the works for Baffert's horses and more

- Arizona moved up to 9th in ESPN's Pac-12 Power Rankings

- Here's ASU fans explaining why they hate Arizona


- There's a basketball game Monday night. Here's what you should know before the Cats play Bradley

Other sports

- Naoki Takeda won the Jack Kramer Club Classic by going 5-0 this weekend. Women's tennis was in action as well

Volleyball lost to Colorado in straight sets

- Women's basketball won their opener at Toledo

Tucson news

- One Tucson woman was in Paris during Friday night's attacks

- We may have a new Police Chief on Monday